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Visual storytelling that began thousands of years ago with hieroglyphic texts continues to develop today with icon sets and design systems. In designing our logo, we took inspiration from the history of humanity as we brought together an emblem, making up a collage of linear objects, and the Siu Digital Text (logotype).


Our emblem, which expresses our appreciation of the value of content, our experience in visual content storytelling, and our confidence in the video technologies we develop, represents our capability to provide all the services necessary for content creation and distribution.
The icon at the upper left, the quill pen, is the longest-used content writing tool in history, and represents the importance we place on content. It also resembles a spearhead, reminiscent of the Native American tribe Sioux, to which our name is similar. (Here, the director leaves you with an open-ended story, evoking questions such as “Are Native Americans Turks?” and “Under what conditions do we use the spear?”)

The icon at the bottom left represents the rectangular gesture that the director makes with his hands to frame the magical scene he will be recording, and refers to our experience in visual storytelling. After all, we might just love video content a little more than its fellow content types.

The icon set to the right of the emblem, illustrated by the “play” icons we usually find in cell phones, represents the video technology products we are developing. For us, the future will be defined by a world in which video content and video contents, integrated with technology, are at the heart of communication between brands and their target audiences.

The sense of connection created by the lines between the icons represents the “Customer Journey and Content Maps” that form the basis of our content strategy, while the thick frame that surrounds the entire emblem symbolizes the turnkey solutions we offer. Because when it comes to discovering your brand’s story and planning, producing, or distributing content for your transformation goals, we never need the services of another agency.



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Our Font

Our brand font is Nexa, one of the most popular typefonts of our time.
Nexa’s fluid functionality is achieved through several OpenType features, such as upper and lower case, contextual and stylistic alternates. The standard character set includes tabular numerals and symbols, superscript and subscript letters, fractions, and much more. The great versatility of Nexa combined with its unique appearance goes beyond the usual geometric fonts and speaks for its design.

Nexa comes with a total of 9 weights and 36 typefonts!
This commitment to these typefonts creates a consistent and strong identity.

Nexa Font Family

Siu Digital