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Siu Digital Brand Identity

Hello! We are thrilled to share our Corporate Identity with you so you can get a better understanding of who we are!

Our Culture

Our culture is our most cherished asset. We take pride not only in crafting stories for our brands and stakeholders but also in being the cornerstone of the Siu Crew’s narratives.

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Our Name

Many non-Turkish brand names are often perceived as abbreviations; sometimes they are the initials of the founders’ names, and other times they are shortened versions of a group of words… As for the name Siu, it’s brief and holds no inherent meaning in Turkish, which leads first-time encounters to assume it’s an abbreviation. Once it becomes evident that it isn’t, it often draws comparisons to various things: See you, CEO, SEO, Are you from the Sioux? LOL! 🙂

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Our Logo

Visual storytelling that began thousands of years ago with hieroglyphic texts continues today with icon sets and design systems. When designing our logo, we take inspiration from human history and combine emblem and Siu Digital Text (logotype), which is a collage of linear objects.

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Our Colors

Siu Purple, Siu Yellow, Black, and White


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Corporate Identity

The concept of marketing is a widely misunderstood term that is often misused and therefore does not receive the attention it deserves.

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All Roads Lead to Your Brand

The famous saying from the 1175 book Liber Parabolarum by French poet Alain de Lille, “A thousand roads lead to Rome for all eternity,” is said to refer to the extensive road network of the ancient Romans that covered almost all of Europe. Since they started road construction from Rome, Rome is the center of all roads, and no matter where you are, the road will lead you to Rome.

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Siu Digital