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Our Name

Many non-Turkish brand names are often perceived as abbreviations; sometimes they are the initials of the founders’ names, and other times they are shortened versions of a group of words… As for the name Siu, it’s brief and holds no inherent meaning in Turkish, which leads first-time encounters to assume it’s an abbreviation. Once it becomes evident that it isn’t, it often draws comparisons to various things: “See you”, CEO, SEO, “Are you a Sioux?” LOL! 🙂
Siu, however, has a deeper and more profound meaning beyond that: in Hittite mythology, Siu is one of the names used in written texts for Sius, the god of light and sound, who is considered to be the predecessor of Zeus of the Greek mythology. This particular name, which highlights the audiovisual elements that form the basis of video content and video technologies, also carries with it the richness of Anatolia’s thousands of years of history.

While our official company name is “Siu Digital Production and Technology Inc.” in legal documents and is used as “Siu Digital” in corporate content, it may simply be referred to as “Siu” in internal communications and in more cordial texts that describes our resources, e.g. “working at Siu” or “being a part of the Siu community”.

Siu Digital